Social Media Advertising: Are You the Next Inspiring Story?

Over the holidays, I saw a rerun of the Sports Center special that featured Owen Groesser. At the time, Owen was a middle school student with Down Syndrome who loved basketball. His parents asked the coach to allow him to be the team manager. During their last game of the season, there were chants from his classmates to allow him to play a few minutes. Owen is subbed into the game and the first thing he does is buries a three pointer. He then hits another three pointer. It was at that moment that his classmates start an online campaign via twitter to “GetOwenonSportsCenter”. The campaign was tweeted over 93,000 times in 24 hours and caught the attention of popular individuals such as RG3, Lil Wayne, and Sarah Palin.

I am channeling this story to highlight the power of social media. There is a lesson to be learned here. This campaign was partially successful because of the passion and excitement of seeing this young man succeed despite personal obstacles. The other lesson here is that you should not bet against the far reaching arm of social media. Businesses of all sizes cannot afford to be dismissive of the marketing power behind social media.

To break this down, let’s look at why we become followers, friends, or a part of someone’s circle. Maybe we feel we can identify with that person or company. Maybe we are supporters of a specific brand. Perhaps we admire someone else’s life and want to live vicariously through them. All of these are good reasons to become tuned in to someone or something, but the fact remains that the likely hood of having an overwhelming number mutual friends is very low.

What does all of this mean? You can reach a ton of perspective consumers by having one individual or company endorse your talent, product, or website. What if you were an aspiring singer and wanted to get your video in front of the right producer? Word-of-mouth could lead to your discovery, but it may be worth it to pay a small fee to have your talent exposed to thousands of other social media users. It may be worth $5 to have your local business reach global consumers. It may be worth $7 to expose thousands of potential consumers to your new product. All of this is accomplished by allowing others to endorse you. The person or business that endorses you is compensated for it. Sounds simple right?

The “GetOwenOnSportcenter” campaign had nothing to do with marketing, but ignited a reason for people to come together around something they all believed in. What if that something were you the next time? What if it was your product or talent? What if it was your story that inspired others? There is centralized location where you can access these services.

If you have a Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram,…etc and you have thousands of followers tuned-in to you, we invite you to register with Endorsebug and become a Seller. You can earn extra cash by endorsing others.

If you have a talent, product, event, or website you are looking to promote and you don’t want to lose your shirt in advertising costs, Endorsebug maybe the answer.
Whether you are looking to endorse others, or your business, product or talent is in need of endorsement; visit Endorsebug today! Give everyone a reason to come together.

Endorsebug – All we do is social media advertising!


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