Pintrest vs. Instagram – 34,000 Followers in 18 Hours: Big Deal?


Michael Kors was given the honor having the first ad posted to Instagram about a month ago. The users are not exactly ecstatic about ads invading the video and photo sharing app. The Kors Instagram account reportedly gained 34,000 followers in 18 hours.
While users are still not ready to accept more advertising, industry experts are suggesting that this could be a big win for Facebook. Read more here.


Meanwhile, Pintrest is poised to become the number one social media advertising choice for e-commerce sites. Here are some the reasons listed in a recent article from Business Insider:
• Pinterest also offers an extremely attractive demographic: Women are 84% of Pinterest users in the United States, and most of them are on tablets. Women control the holiday purse strings.
• Pinterest users already love sharing images of products, and unlike Facebook — where photo-sharing revolves around family, friends, or funny pics — pinners already tend to share brand images and shopping ideas. They’ll gladly share your posts onward.
• Retailers and brands are already a well-known and accepted part of the Pinterest landscape, and many host popular pinboards. “Related Pins,” a new feature launched in late October, will help audiences find your stuff.
• Most importantly, Pinterest is a proven sales driver: Pinterest already is a top referrer to e-commerce sites and drives high-value orders.

Read more: – Social Media Advertising is all we do!


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