Should Your Social Media Behavior Be Tied to Your Credit Score?



We all have been told that employers are now checking out social media to get some type of idea about a job candidate.

An article written by Erin Lowry on Daily Finance discusses how lenders are now starting to take advantage of the information they gain by looking at their applicants profiles online. FICO is also supposedly getting into the mix. Most of people will tell you that they have no right to look at their Facebook or their FB friends and make assumptions about their character. While there is a group of users that gives the digital middle finger to their bosses through social media, others choose only to share family moments or something that touches their hearts while browsing the posts and status of others.

According to the article, lenders are checking to see if you are high risk by tracking resignations via social media or video. They are also trying to figure out who your friends are and if you engage in mischief.

While this article does not suggest widespread use of such tactics, it does highlight the potential for momentum growth.



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