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A Letter to Social Media Users, Bloggers, and Those With Web Presence

Dear Social Media User,

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Endorsebug is company that focuses solely on social media marketing. We
believe that one of the best ways to market a product, idea, or individual
is through word-of-mouth advertising. This type of advertising can only
happen if you’re willing to reach out to audiences other than your own.
Our website provides that platform.

By simply sharing someone else’s message on your Facebook, Twitter, or
even your blog; you have helped someone reach an audience that they did
not have access to. The best part is that we will compensate you for it.
Imagine how cool it would be to make money from volume sales and it does
not take up your time.

Also don't miss the chance to win a new iPad AIr!!

See you on the site.

Endorsebug Admin

NFL Super Bowl XLVIII and Social Media? What Role Will You Play Tonight?


Social media use during the Super Bowl will be up tremendously. Imagine the possibilities! Facebook users will post pictures of their friends and family at their Super Bowl parties. Instagram use will be up to document users’ whereabouts. Twitter will be crowded with users commenting on almost every play of the game. And we can’t forget about the advertisements. There will be commercials requesting that users continue viewing commercials on-line. Lets not forget that any malfunctions or disruptions will send a surge though social media.

What will you use social media for tonight? Please share with us!

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