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Charleston SC Based Start-up is Seeking Entreprenuers and Freelance Talent For an Exciting Opportunity

Endorsebug_smartphone“Based in Charleston, SC, Endorsebug offers cheap advertising that utilizes two things: the power of social media and power of word of mouth advertising. We help our customers obtain target traffic through social media”

Millions of people use social media every day. Today’s marketing strategy must include social media to go where the customers spend their time. Entrepreneurs, product developers, and services providers need a way to reach perspective consumers. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and others can be used to provide tasteful “word of mouth” advertising. In order to service these needs there must be talented individuals that have a fairly strong following on social media or have access to exclusive groups.

Endorsebug is proud to announce that we are accepting new members to begin providing innovative advertising services via social media. Those who are interested can sign up to begin working for themselves. There is no fee to register. New members will be entered in a chance to win a new iPad Air!

For information about becoming a member/seller you can visit the following kink:

About Us

Endorsebug is a social media advertising company in the United States and worldwide. The company was founded 2013 and is looking to make a considerable impact in the social media advertising market.

To learn more about Endorsebug, you can visit at the official website:

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50 Out Of The Box Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Awesome advice for businesses looking for a new approach to marketing!

Lincoln Court's Small Business Round Table

Do you offer great products and services, but having a hard time getting the word out to your customers? Not to worry, here are 50 Out Of The Box Marketing Ideas to help you SELL SELL SELL:
1) Create a newsletter that provides quality information about your products and industry;
2) Design a distinctive logo, branding is key! Include your new logo on your business cards, letterhead and receipts/invoices;
3) Create a Twitter and Facebook page (make sure you use your new logo as your icon picture-branding is key!);
4) Mail out coupons and special promotions;
5) Sponsor your local little league team;
6) Hold an Open House;
7) Advertise in the local paper;
8 ) Create a blog that provides helpful tips and articles about your products and industry;
9) Pass out samples;
10) Create a Youtube video about your products;
11) Become a vendor at your local Farmer’s…

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