Be Your Own Boss Campaign: 1000 members in 30 days!


Are you your own boss? That’s the question we have been asking the last few days. As we are actively engaging our audience and increasing the awareness about who Endorsebug is and what are goals are. From or success with the Java Head Coffee Mugs to gaining new members we are excited about the near future.

Now we are asking for your help. These are the people we are looking for to become Sellers:

  • ·         Facebook Users
  • ·         MySpace Users
  • ·         Pinterest Users
  • ·         Twitter Users
  • ·         Google + Users
  • ·         Instagram Users
  • ·         Tumblr Users
  • ·         Bloggers
  • ·         Website Owners

Help us to get to 1000 members in 30 Days. Right now, for a limited time, new Sellers will be upgraded to level 2 (Sellers gain the opportunity make additional money through extra services). See directions below:

We look for to becoming business partners with you! Make it Count!

Endorsebug Team


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