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Be Your Own Boss Campaign: 1000 members in 30 days!


Are you your own boss? That’s the question we have been asking the last few days. As we are actively engaging our audience and increasing the awareness about who Endorsebug is and what are goals are. From or success with the Java Head Coffee Mugs to gaining new members we are excited about the near future.

Now we are asking for your help. These are the people we are looking for to become Sellers:

  • ·         Facebook Users
  • ·         MySpace Users
  • ·         Pinterest Users
  • ·         Twitter Users
  • ·         Google + Users
  • ·         Instagram Users
  • ·         Tumblr Users
  • ·         Bloggers
  • ·         Website Owners

Help us to get to 1000 members in 30 Days. Right now, for a limited time, new Sellers will be upgraded to level 2 (Sellers gain the opportunity make additional money through extra services). See directions below:

We look for to becoming business partners with you! Make it Count!

Endorsebug Team


Getting Paid With Your New iPhone 6


As you wait in line for the new iPhone 6, consider how you can turn that device into something profitable for yourself. Let the first page you browse be Endorsebug. We are currently working on our mobile interface, but you can still get started. The iPhone continues to be influential in the business world from e-commerce to credit card transactions. Sellers on website can set up their accounts and an begin selling marketing jobs to business and individuals in need of services that help them get exposure.

Tell us how you plan to get paid using your iPhone 6!

Help Wanted: Expanding Our Services is the most affordable way to give your business a marketing push. We offer cheap marketing services starting at $5.00. Right now we are growing the number of services offered and we need your help. If you are in the business promoting others via social media or blogging then this is the opportunity for you. We are looking for the following users to join us:


  • ·         Facebook
  • ·         Twitter
  • ·         MySpace
  • ·         Pinterest
  • ·         Google+
  • ·         Tumblr
  • Bloggers (all platforms)

This is your opportunity to create another form of revenue for your services. Customers will pay you for talents. You can offer basic or advanced services. Make additional income for vacations, or whatever you want. Join today for free at

E-commerce Company Finds Success with Endorsebug: Java Head


When MaxValueProducts came to Endorsebug back in August 2014 it was a new E-commerce company looking to promote its feature product. The Java Head Coffee Mug found success through the power of word-of-mouth advertising. Sales were at a moderate level before purchasing our advertising services. Now, the Java Head Coffee Mug as well as other products of MaxValueProducts are flying off of the shelves. Being open for a little over a month now, MaxValueProducts has quickly emerged to the top of its E-commerce sales market. With our services starting at $5.00, MaxValueProducts was able to find affordable advertising to promote its product. The company promises to be a repeat customer and we will be happy to help them find continued success in the future.

Charleston SC Based Start-up is Seeking Entreprenuers and Freelance Talent For an Exciting Opportunity

Endorsebug_smartphone“Based in Charleston, SC, Endorsebug offers cheap advertising that utilizes two things: the power of social media and power of word of mouth advertising. We help our customers obtain target traffic through social media”

Millions of people use social media every day. Today’s marketing strategy must include social media to go where the customers spend their time. Entrepreneurs, product developers, and services providers need a way to reach perspective consumers. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and others can be used to provide tasteful “word of mouth” advertising. In order to service these needs there must be talented individuals that have a fairly strong following on social media or have access to exclusive groups.

Endorsebug is proud to announce that we are accepting new members to begin providing innovative advertising services via social media. Those who are interested can sign up to begin working for themselves. There is no fee to register. New members will be entered in a chance to win a new iPad Air!

For information about becoming a member/seller you can visit the following kink:

About Us

Endorsebug is a social media advertising company in the United States and worldwide. The company was founded 2013 and is looking to make a considerable impact in the social media advertising market.

To learn more about Endorsebug, you can visit at the official website:

Contact Information or

New Startup Hopes to Make A Splash in Social Media Advertising


In a world where businesses realize that they cannot ignore the power of social media advertising, one new start-up is hoping to change the way that the information is delivered to the perspective customer. Endorsebug is a company that focuses on providing a marketplace where buyers and sellers can either purchase or sell cheap social media advertising. The company’s CEO explains “The large corporations can spend millions on advertising with the social media giants, but what about the small and medium size businesses. What about the independent artists and contractors?”

Endorsebug provides a niche that customers desperately need; a way to achieve organic outreach without investing tons of cash. The company’s website offers free enrollment and does not have a monthly membership fee of any kind. So why does Endorsebug believe that it has a working solution? “We believe that most customers would rather hear about a product or service from someone just like them. After all, word-of-mouth advertising is still king” the CEO stated. Imagine if the next Iggy Azalea had a way to reach a larger audience for a small fee and possibly be discovered by a record executive sooner rather later. What if Drake was able to pay for the viral exposure of lyrical skills at a young age? The next Ariana Grande can take advantage of such a service. The company offers advertising for several of the social media giants including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and many others. Endorsebug even offers advertising on the personal blog of others as well as their company website.

It’s a simple concept. Members can choose to buy or sell advertising tasks at anytime. A customer can go online and purchase an advertising job. The customer can provide the advertising material or request help with the development. This is considered an extra, an additional fee charged for an added service requested by the buyer. The seller will then have a set amount of days to complete the work and provide proof. If the buyer accepts that the job is completed then the seller gets paid a net amount. At the end of the transaction, the buyer is given a chance to rate the sellers performance which could eventually lead to more sales. “We are basically providing an online incubator for entrepreneurs that are looking to earn some extra cash by completing small tasks. The buyer reaches a different audience while the seller makes money” said the CEO.

So who is a great fit for Endorsebug? The sellers must be energetic with an entrepreneur’s mentality. Those who are creative will thrive in Endorsebug’s marketplace. The company does not promote any get rich fast schemes. There is no pyramid or promise of residual income. Endorsebug offers good old fashioned marketplace competition. So what’s the CEO’s advice to sellers? “Be prepared to go after volume sales and have good extras to offer your customers. Most buyers of these advertising jobs would like a turn-key service”. The company likes to promote a fun environment by offering prizes, promotions and contests for its buyers and sellers. Endorsebug has one more message for its perspective users. “Marketplaces quickly become cluttered with sellers which raises the level of competition. Now is the time for sellers who are serious about their business to join immediately”.