How To Turn Your Blog Into A Business Without Investing A Dime


Do you blog a lot in your spare time? Is it your profession? If this sounds like you, then there is an exciting opportunity waiting for you at Our website provides you a virtual office to sell your services.

Here is a list of ways you can have a successful business from your blog:
• Product Reviews-People will pay you to review their product
• Blog Advertising – Businesses are always looking for away to reach new customers; why not your blog
• Guess Blogging- Let someone be a guess on your blog to expose your subscribers to what they have to offer

With all of the great technology available including WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr; It’s easy to begin making money from your blogging talent. Visit and sign up to be a seller to begin posting services you are willing to offer using your blog. You set the cost and Endorsebug sends the customers.


New to Endorsebug: Becoming a Successful Seller on Endorsebug

Ready to succeed on Endorsebug? Here are some tips to increase the likelihood of success.
1. Post Your Job – The Title is Everything
The more straight-forward you are in your job title, the better. The key here is to generate as much interest as possible. Try different Job titles, but get to the point. You may need to use Google Keyword Planner to find the most searched terms.
2. Not Enough Clarity – Be Detailed in Your Job Description
This is your opportunity to educate your customers about the value of the service you will be providing. There is a lot of formatting freedom on Endorsebug so be creative. You do not want the customer to have to chase you down for clarification about your services.
3. A Picture is Worth More Than How Many Words? – Videos Are Worth More
Jobs with video descriptions are more likely to sell faster than those without. Consider starting a YouTube channel for your services. If you don’t want to use videos then take advantage of the additional image slots that are available while posting your job.
4. There Is Always Room For Extras
Endorsebug does allow you to offer job extras immediately when you get started unlike some other sites. Extras are used to offer your customers enhanced or additional services. Be creative. Try different combinations to see what your customers like.
5. Customer Feedback is Valuable
If your posted job on Endorsebug is selling well and customers are getting what they ask for they may not leave any feedback. Sometimes they forget that they have the option to leave feedback. The best advice here is to ask for feedback. Good feedback will approve your reputation among other potential buyers.
6. Guarantee Your Work
If you believe in the job you’re offering to your customers, you should have no problem refunding them if they are not satisfied with your performance. The customer may not always be right, but you want to avoid as much negative feedback as possible.
The Genesis of Your Endorsebug Experience
Starting out as a new seller on Endorsebug can be fun, but sometimes challenging. Be sure to ask family and friends to purchase a job from you to help you build your portfolio. Be sure to use the available share buttons to let your friends on social media know what services you are offering.
Understanding the Opportunity
Endorsebug is an excellent place to validate your ideas, products, and services. Your buyers will help identify if there is a demand for your product and give you feedback.
If you set your Jobs up well, you can make a generous side income. Be sure to build a relationship with your buyers. Make them happy, see if they have any questions, encourage them to leave positive feedback, and perhaps promote your Job extras and other service offerings. Buyers will ask if you can help with a problem or if you offer a particular service. If you don’t, you now know there’s a proven demand for it.

Be Your Own Boss Campaign: 1000 members in 30 days!


Are you your own boss? That’s the question we have been asking the last few days. As we are actively engaging our audience and increasing the awareness about who Endorsebug is and what are goals are. From or success with the Java Head Coffee Mugs to gaining new members we are excited about the near future.

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Are You Your Own Boss?


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Getting Paid With Your New iPhone 6


As you wait in line for the new iPhone 6, consider how you can turn that device into something profitable for yourself. Let the first page you browse be Endorsebug. We are currently working on our mobile interface, but you can still get started. The iPhone continues to be influential in the business world from e-commerce to credit card transactions. Sellers on website can set up their accounts and an begin selling marketing jobs to business and individuals in need of services that help them get exposure.

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